At Our Practices we aim to provide dental care that meets your needs; whether you are looking for reliable and accessible NHS dentistry or expert, high quality affordable private routine and specialist dental care that is more convenient to you.

At Etwall we offer you an affordable and easy way to spread the cost of your dental treatments.



Treatment Consultation




Examination- New Patient




OPG X-ray




Scale and polish with Dentist From


Air Flow Polish


Amalgam Fillings From


Composite fillings From


Glass Ionomer Fillings From


Single Root Canals From


Molar Root Canals From


Extractions From


Surgical Extractions From


Crowns From *


Bridges From *


Partial Dentures From


Unilateral Sunflex Dentures From


Partial Sunflex Dentures From


Full Dentures From


Smile Makeover Consultation


Orthodontics Consultation


Single Arch Braces From


Double Arch Braces From


Cosmetic Consultation


Veneers From *


Teeth Whitening From


Dental Implants Consultation


Full Case Assessment **


Single Implant Placement From


Abutment and Crown From


Emergency Appointment


Emergency Treatment

TBC Case Dependent *

* Emergency treatment costs will depend on the exact problem. We will not know the exact problem until we have seen you for your emergency appointment – and the treatment cost will be case dependent and discussed at this appointment.

Emergencies may include:


Infected Wisdom Teeth

Broken/Cracked teeth

Jaw Injuries

Broken Crowns

Partially Dislodged Teeth

Mouth Swelling

Sensitive teeth

Jaw/Tooth/Gum Pain

Trapped Objects

Wisdom Teeth Pain

Soft Tissue Trauma

Fallen out fillings

Partially Dislodged Teeth

Avulsed Teeth

Emergency Dentures

Broken Braces

Dental Sports Injury

Broken Dentures

Gum Infections

Broken Veneers

Impacted Canine/Wisdom Teeth

Dental Abscess

Dental Decay

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