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Top 4 Dental Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

Male Dental Patient Missing Teeth

Top 4 Dental Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

13 February 2021

Teeth are essential parts of your overall health. When you have a healthy set of teeth, you won’t only boast of a fantastic smile, but you’ll also be able to maintain your good overall health. When you lose one or more of your teeth, you’ll experience difficulty performing the usual tasks such as speaking or chewing.

According to a National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey report, about 92% of adults between the age of 20 and 65 suffer from tooth decay. Similarly, there is a relatively high percentage of people suffering from missing teeth. And one of the factors that significantly contribute to your bad breath or periodontal disease is food and drinks. However, modern-day advancement in dental practices has brought about a long-lasting solution to your tooth decay problems.

Missing Teeth: What Are the Available Options?

Dental Implant

A dental implant refers to a surgical procedure carried out on patients to replace the tooth root and fuse with the jawbone.

While a dental implant is most effective when only one of your teeth is affected, it’s not always the best option when multiple teeth are involved. That said, a dental implant comes with its own benefits and limitations.

One of such benefits is that it helps bring out the fantastic looks and feels of your natural teeth, and they can last for several years without having to repair or replace. However, one limitation of dental implants is that they are more expensive than other missing teeth solutions. So, they won’t be the right solution for everyone.

Fixed Bridges

Simply put, a fixed bridge is also another solution to missing teeth. It involves bridging the existing gap between one or more teeth. Usually, implementing fixed bridges requires scheduled multiple visits to the dentist at regular intervals. This is because the entire process of fixing the bridge takes a lot of time.

Once the dentist has been able to fix the bridge, it doesn’t require removal for cleaning. In addition, this fixed bridge performs a similar function as the normal teeth. And they are more cost-effective compared to dental implants.

Removable Partial Dentures

Typically, this involves carrying out a tooth replacement procedure on some sections for the missing teeth to achieve a normal look and feel and maintain overall dental health. Truly, removable partial dentures are excellent for chewing and aesthetic appeal. However, they tend to be less durable compared to dental implants or fixing of dental bridges. Apart from that, it could make you uncomfortable when worn for a long period. Meanwhile, in terms of the cost, they are the least expensive tooth replacement options.

Removable Complete Denture

Depending on the number of your existing teeth, a removable complete denture is undoubtedly one of the fairly invasive treatment options to replace your missing teeth. It also requires multiple visits to the dentist. Unlike removable partial dentures, which involve replacing only a section of the missing teeth, a removable complete denture is a dental solution to replace many of your teeth, if not all.

Removable complete dentures are, however, highly aesthetic and functional. They also tend to make you feel highly uncomfortable, especially if you’ve worn them up to 24 hours daily.

Missing Teeth: The Potential Impacts

Missing teeth could result in a lot of issues. And in some cases, you may not experience any impact. However, the potential impact of a missing tooth on your oral health depends solely on the location of the missing tooth. If the location of the missing tooth is either the side or back of your mouth, the gap might not be easily noticeable.

But your teeth are patterned in a way that they are meant to work together. When you have issues relating to missing teeth, it could affect your speech and lead to an impaired ability to eat. If this prolongs over time, it could cause other problems to your oral health. Other potential effects of a missing tooth include difficulty chewing your food, sudden change of your face, shifting of your mouth, bad breath, gum disease, and more.

Looking for the Best Solution for Missing Tooth?

Are you in search of the most effective and convenient tooth replacement options? Or you want to replace your missing tooth, but you’re on a tight budget? It’s important to consult our experienced dentists at Etwall Dental Practices before making a final decision.

At Etwall Dental Practices, our ultimate goal is to ensure that all our patients are happy, confident, and convenient with a healthy smile. If you’ve just got knocked out by accident or your teeth were removed due to decays, our dentists at Etwall Dental Practices will perform the necessary procedures that’ll guarantee you optimum functionality and appearance of your smile. Book Your Consultation now through (phone) or fill the contact form on our website.


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