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The Key to a Straighter Smile

Dental Patient Smiling After Wearing Braces

The Key to a Straighter Smile

3 March 2020

Orthodontics is far more than just straightening teeth. It’s about improving the quality of life and confidence of patients. Those who feel they have dental irregularities should be sure to seek advice from an orthodontist. Etwall Dental Practice orthodontists utilise the most effective and safe procedures on their way to ensuring patients’ teeth, lips and jaw properly align, resulting in correct facial balance. In providing the finest visible and invisible dental braces, Etwall Dental Practice ensures each patient is comfortable with their chosen procedure.

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is concerned with the movement of teeth within the jaw, helping straighten them so that a patient’s bite is spread evenly.

What kind of braces are available?

Fixed braces have been commonplace over the years when considering teeth straightening. Available in different materials including silver-coloured metal as well as a tooth-coloured material, fixed braces are a popular and highly-effective treatment for those looking to straighten their teeth. Alternatively, patients can opt for aligners. A clear, mouthguard-esque brace which straighten teeth over time, aligners offer a more discrete route for those who may have worries about how braces look.

Two of the most popular dental brace options in recent years have come in the forms of lingual braces and six month smile. These alternative options provide patients with a tooth straightening plan for patients to achieve their desired smiles within as little as six months.

Finally, patients can also consider removable braces for minor orthodontic cases. Removable braces are made of wire and plastic and can offer simple, limited tooth movement.

How long do teeth straightening treatments take?

The duration of treatment is very much dependant on where along the jaw teeth are being straightened. For example, for a simple straightening of the front six teeth, treatment can be carried out as quickly as six months. Nevertheless, it’s recommended that a longer treatment period is overseen, as it will mean teeth don’t move back into their original position once braces are removed. 

What are the benefits of teeth straightening?

Teeth straightening primarily works to improve overall oral health. Having straight teeth is beneficial as it will contribute to patients having healthier gums, decreasing the risk of tooth injury as well as being able to maintain and clean teeth in a more satisfactory manner. Most importantly for patients, teeth straightening helps achieve a beautiful smile and subsequently, improved self-confidence.

Which treatments are most popular?

Etwall Dental Practice offers a number of suitable teeth straightening treatments to suit all needs. The most popular treatment is Invisalign. Invisalign uses clear, custom-made aligners to straighten teeth over the course of a treatment plan. The most discreet and effective treatment for teeth straightening, Invisalign helps restore patient confidence, in a safe and comfortable manner.

Alternatively, patients have also been known to prefer Damon braces. Damon braces offer both metal and clear brace variations and work to gently straighten teeth using gentle pressure. Patients who use Damon braces have often noticed the system not only straightens teeth but also creates space, providing a broader smile and aesthetic facial profile. With minimal change to your daily routine, Damon braces can also offer faster results than traditional braces.

How can we help?

It’s important patients receive as much information as possible when considering teeth straightening treatment. Etwall Dental Practice offers completely free consultation for those who feel they are in need of treatment. If you feel this applies to your situation, don’t hesitate to Contact Us, and our dental experts will do our best to help.

If you are in need of another treatment, read more about the procedures available at Etwall Dental Practice.

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