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Teeth Straightening

If you’re looking for teeth straightening in Derby, you’re likely researching several possible orthodontic procedures. If you’re in that position, we always advise speaking to one of our dentists, who have years of great experience with orthodontic treatments.

Our dentists will examine your unique situation, and go over the many treatment plans with you, including the benefits and drawbacks of each. Once all the information is shared, a teeth-straightening procedure will be selected, which suits your unique needs.

Teeth straightening is an excellent way to fix crooked teeth, so we’ll ensure you’re completely comfortable with the proposed treatment. Your oral health and smile satisfaction are of the utmost importance.

Are there alternatives to ‘traditional’ wire braces?

In our teeth straightening FAQ, we discussed the fixed clear braces and Invisalign aligners that are available at Etwall Dental Practice. As that blog demonstrates, adult orthodontic treatments today place a strong emphasis on providing covert, quick-fixing treatments. Even though traditional wire braces are still quite effective, we may now straighten your teeth with clear aligners or braces with tooth-coloured wires and brackets.

Are braces available via the NHS?

Children under the age of 18 can receive free teeth-straightening treatment through the NHS. Adults with significant dental needs may be able to get braces installed on the NHS. You will likely need orthodontic treatment from a private dentist if your situation is less serious and you are concerned about the way your smile looks or a minor alignment issue.

Who can provide braces?

Anyone seeking orthodontic treatment at Etwall Dental Practice will visit one of our many experts in the field of fixed and removable orthodontics.

Will I need teeth to be extracted?

While we will let you know if we believe an extraction would be the best course of action, we will make every effort to save your current natural teeth and correct your smile without the need for any extractions.

Most of the time, using brace systems like Six Month Smiles or Invisalign aligners can be done without the need for an extraction.

How long will teeth straightening take?

Depending on your specific situation, the amount you have to move your teeth and the kind of treatment you’re receiving, the length of your treatment will vary. Once we have created your treatment plan, we will explain how long your treatment will last.

With a system like Six Month Smiles, minor tooth alignment can be accomplished in as little as four to nine months, while more difficult cases can be completed with Invisalign in anywhere from nine to 24 months.

How long will my appointment take?

Your teeth-straightening treatments’ length and frequency will again depend on the type of brace or aligner system you’re using. Once your therapy has begun, appointments usually happen four to eight weeks apart, but this can change.

How much does a brace cost?

The cost of teeth straightening at Etwall Dental Practice in Derby will vary depending on the type of procedure, its complexity, length, and required number of appointments.

We would fully explain the treatment strategy to you, together with the estimated costs, before you approve any teeth-straightening procedures.

At Etwall Dental Practice, your oral health is our number one priority.

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