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Airflow Tooth Polishing

Dental Air Flow Polishing Cleaning LiquidStained teeth are more common than many may expect. Whilst Etwall Dental Practice does offer teeth whitening treatments, there are a number of steps that can be taken prior to the treatment, to ensure the best results. One of those things is airflow tooth polishing.



What is Airflow Tooth Polishing?

Airflow polishing is a revolutionary sanitation technique that incorporates three elements: air, jet water, and sodium bicarbonate. It can properly clean your teeth without causing damage to them, enhancing tooth brightness and giving you a sparkling fresh healthy mouth in just a few minutes.

At Etwall Dental Practice, we provide Airflow treatments to help eliminate minor stains on the teeth produced by red wine, coffee, tea, and smoking. This procedure is considered preferable to the usual scale and polish treatments, which take much longer and can be painful.

Your dental professional will examine your teeth for tartar buildup before beginning airflow polishing. If deposits are discovered, your dentist will advise you to get them removed so that you can get the optimum outcomes from your treatment.

The airflow treatment is not a whitening treatment; instead, it polishes all of the tooth’s surfaces, removing any discolouration, plaque, or soft deposits. Its powerful water jet, which is controlled by our hygienists, may reach up to 5mm into periodontal pockets.

What are the benefits of Airflow Tooth Polishing?

This polishing technique is popular since it is painless, has no bad taste or texture, and does not include any chemicals. Other benefits include:

  • Unlike conventional hygiene procedures, stains are cleared three times faster.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of whitening treatments by removing any accumulation that may be obstructing the bleaching process.
  • Patients with sensitive teeth can relax because no vibrating tools or heat are utilised.
  • Prevents oral disease by preventing periodontitis, eliminating plaque, and maintaining the health of your gums.
  • Orthodontic patients get their teeth cleaned in such a gentle yet comprehensive manner that future bonding and sealants can be applied.

Maintain your oral health or get expert medical advice from Etwall Dental Practice. If you feel as though you may require airflow tooth polishing or another dental treatment, please get in touch with us via phone on 01283 733391 or fill out our contact form and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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