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Dental crowns are placed on teeth which require extra support or may have been damaged. They are also used to support bridges.

Your Etwall Dental Practice dentist will use this restorative treatment to strengthen weakened teeth and will ensure your crown is fitted precisely for comfort and durability.

Also known as a ‘cap’, crowns are natural in feel and appearance. When placed at the back of the mouth. However, many patients prefer ceramic or porcelain crowns for a subtler finish, especially if they are being placed nearer the front of the mouth.

Crowns are used to preserve your natural tooth and may be used instead of a filling where a cavity is larger than usual. They can also be used to correct a misshapen or discoloured tooth.

If you require a crown, your dentist will need to prepare the natural tooth by removing or filing down the damaged part. The crown will then be created specifically for you in our laboratory before being fitted. While you wait for your permanent crown, the dentist may place a temporary crown so you feel comfortable in the interim.

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