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Dental Care for Children

Whether visiting us for the first time or attending for a regular check-up, we always do our best to ensure your child feels comfortable and relaxed when they take a seat in the dental chair.

We’ve all been young once, and at Etwall Dental Practice, we understand that your child might feel intimidated by all the dental equipment and the surgery environment. That’s why we will try to make them feel at ease and pride ourselves on being a child-friendly practice.

Looking after your children’s teeth may sometimes feel like a difficult task, especially when their favourite treats might be high in sugar. It’s important they learn from a young age how to properly look after their teeth and gums and we aim to make this as fun and as informative as possible.

Talk to our dentists or hygienists about the best way to care for your children’s teeth and to ask about dentist-recommended products.

By visiting Etwall Dental Practice within six months of their first tooth coming out, we will help you create a positive and friendly dental experience for your child. We will also work in partnership with you to ensure they understand why and how to look after their teeth.

To book your child’s appointment, please click here or call us on 01283 733391.