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If the dentist detects tooth decay, they will most likely recommend a filling. This common dental treatment can seal a cavity, eliminate toothache and sensitivity, and help prevent the tooth from becoming infected.

What should I expect when I undergo a filling?

Your dentist will administer a local anaesthetic and remove the decay. Then your dentist will apply a filling material directly to the cavity, shape it, and ultimately cure it with ultraviolet light. The process might vary depending on the filling material used.

What filling materials do you offer?

The most common filling material is amalgam, a blend of metals including mercury, tin, copper, and zinc. Amalgam is the most affordable filling option, but also the least cosmetically pleasing due to its silver colour.

Alternatively, you can opt for white fillings, which use a mixture of powdered glass and acrylic resin for a seamless match with the surrounding tooth structure.

How long will my filling last?

The longevity of your filling will depend on the material you choose. Amalgam fillings are the most durable option, lasting around 10-15 years.

White fillings are the more attractive option, but they don’t typically last as long, requiring replacement after about 5 years. You can improve the lifespan of your filling by practising good oral hygiene and booking regular dental check-ups and hygiene visits.

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