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Adult Clear Braces

Braces are not just for teens, they are used by millions of Adults around the world. If you have put up with protruding or crooked teeth for most of your adult life, then why not consider orthodontic treatment to transform your smile and revive your self-confidence?

At Etwall Dental Practice we believe that your smile is one your most important features, and if you don’t feel happy smiling and laughing openly, we want to help.

We offer a range of adult orthodontic treatments to correct crooked or misaligned teeth in a subtle and speedy way.


If you want straighter teeth but don’t want people to notice you’re having orthodontic treatment, then Invisalign is a subtle way to achieve your goals.

The transparent, removable aligners tackle issues such as crooked teeth, wide gaps, cross bites and underbites.

At Etwall Dental Practice, your dentist will advise if Invisalign is the right system for your orthodontic issues. If so, impressions will be taken of your teeth so that our laboratory can create your first set of aligners – which are similar to a mouth guard.

Once you start treatment you will need to wear your aligners every day but these can be removed for eating and cleaning. Every two weeks, you will visit us at Etwall Dental Practice for a new set of aligners. Each new set of aligners will be designed to help your teeth gently move into their new, straighter position.

At the end of your treatment, we will provide you with a retainer so that you can maintain the new position of your teeth.

Six Month Smiles

Just as the name suggests, six months’ is all it takes to enjoy a straighter, more symmetrical smile with this unique orthodontic system.

This system has been created for adults and targets the upper or lower front teeth in a discrete, yet highly effective way.

Transparent brackets and a tooth-coloured wire help to reduce the visibility of the Six Month Smiles system, so you don’t have to feel anxious or concerned about others noticing your treatment.

Just like traditional braces, once the brackets and wire have been fitted, you will need to attend the practice so we can tighten the wire and help your teeth move into their new, straighter position.

The results are noticeable and can be maintained with a retainer. Six Months Smiles is one of the more affordable orthodontic systems and we offer helpful finance plans so you can enjoy your new with convenient payment plans.

Inman Aligner

In just 18 weeks, the Inman aligner can dramatically change the position of your teeth, creating the straighter, more symmetrical look you’ve always wanted.

This removable orthodontic appliance uses a spring technology to correct crooked or protruding front teeth, rotated teeth and crossbites.

The spring mechanisms gently apply pressure on the teeth and help them move into a new position.

If your Etwall Dental Practice dentist feels this is the right treatment for you, we will take impressions of your teeth so our laboratory can create your custom-made aligner.

You will need to wear the Inman aligner daily during the course of treatment and can remove it for eating and cleaning.

Clear Braces

Traditional brace systems are proven to produce long-lasting results; however, many patients are put off by the thought of metallic brackets and wires attached to their teeth. So, at Etwall Dental Practice, we offer patients clear braces; which achieve the same excellent results of a traditional brace, without the unsightly appearance.

Clear braces are popular with many of our adult patients who require extensive orthodontic work. The brackets – which are fixed to the teeth – are tooth-coloured and made from ceramics. The wire is thin and matches the colour of natural teeth, so it is a discrete and barely noticeable.

Additionally, we utilise self-litigating brackets instead of the traditional elastic bands, which are again less noticeable yet extremely durable.

Just like a traditional brace system, you will visit the practice periodically so that the wire can be tightened as the position of your teeth change.

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