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Many patients at Etwall Dental Practice have experienced crooked and overlapped teeth. Alongside the notable aesthetic confidence issues, if these problems are left untreated, they may affect the health of your teeth and gums as they become increasingly difficult to clean. Traditionally, Etwall Dental Practice has offered unsightly fixed braces to combat this issue. Despite their effectiveness, patients have felt self-conscious about using this permanent solution.

Today, our dental experts are proud to offer the Invisalign treatment. The Invisalign treatment allows you to transform your smile in a discreet and comfortable manner with near invisible, custom-made aligners that can straighten your teeth without using traditional metal wires or brackets

The Invisalign Brace Process

The Invisalign Process

Step One

The first step is to consult with dental professionals, who will determine your suitability for the Invisalign treatment. During this time, Etwall Dental Practice will be able to answer any queries you may have about the Invisalign treatment. Should the treatment be deemed appropriate for you following an examination of your teeth and gums, an oral impression will be made to fabricate your bespoke Invisalign braces.

Step Two – The iTero Scanner

At this point, dental experts will use the cutting-edge iTero Scanner to provide stunningly accurate future look at results, following your Invisalign treatment. A safe and reliable procedure, the iTero Scanner is an efficient alternative to traditional impressions. The main benefit of using this technology is that your dental professional can provide braces that are highly bespoke and customised, making the wear of Invisalign braces far more comfortable.

How does the iTero Scanner Work?

The ground-breaking device utilises optical scanning and lasers to capture a highly-detailed and accurate impression of your teeth. Using hundreds of thousands of laser points, the iTero Scanner creates a precise digital model of your entire mouth. For those worried about getting traditional impressions, the iTero Scanner is ideal in offsetting any concern. By opting for this procedure, you can ensure your Invisalign aligners will fit your teeth without discomfort. Secondly, this procedure helps ensure your aligners are crafted faster. The iTero Scanner uses ClinCheck set-ups, which means

your images are immediately sent to an Invisalign manufacturer, allowing for quicker receipt of your aligners. Importantly, dental experts will also have the ability to make adjustments to digital impressions, to confirm you’re receiving the correct aligners to help restore your smile.

Doctor Using iTero Scanner On Patient

The iTero Scanner is a highly-valuable device for all patients considering Invisalign treatment. If you’re considering treatment, enquire with Etwall Dental Practice for more information on how gain the best results using this treatment.

Step Three

From there, a follow up appointment will be scheduled, during which you will receive your Invisalign aligners and be advised on how best to use them. It’s important you continue to wear your aligners for 20-22 hours a day, only removing them to eat, drink, brush, and floss. As the weeks go by, your dental experts will book subsequent adjustment sessions to ensure your teeth will move – little by little, until they have straightened to the final position originally prescribed. 

The Final Stage

Following weeks of treatment, you will enter into a refinement stage, whereby our dental experts will ensure minor adjustments are made, so the treatment remains a success. Often, we will recommend wearing additional Invisalign trays, to maintain the effectiveness of the treatment.


When the treatment comes to an end, Etwall Dental Practice experts will request a consultation, to discuss how to keep your teeth in the same position for the foreseeable future. To prevent further movement, permanent or removable retainers will be offered to you. The two types of retainers may suit certain lifestyles, so we’ll be sure to talk you through what we feel is the most effective option to keep your teeth aligned.



Previous Etwall Dental Practice patients have highlighted the following benefits of Invisalign treatments:

  • Almost Invisible – perfect for those who don’t want to have fixed braces. Your Invisalign aligners will be barely noticeable, allowing you to feel confident during the full course of treatment.
  • Customised – your aligners will be unique to your teeth.
  • Removable – easily remove your aligners whilst you eat and enjoy a normal oral health routine.
  • Less Painful – Invisalign aligners have been known to be less painful than fixed metal braces.

Booking Your Consultation

Here at Etwall Dental Practice, we are well aware of how self-conscious crooked or misaligned teeth can make you. Invisalign is a safe, trusted and popular treatment among patients and is highly recommended to those who may feel they can use it. By booking today, you will be eligible for the following:

  • Free Invisalign Consultation (Worth £250)
  • iTero scan and Invisalign simulator
  • Free teeth whitening with treatment (Worth £350)
  • Free fixed and removable retainers with treatment (Worth £350)
  • Free Enamel Reshaping (Worth £145)

If you feel as though the Invisalign treatment could be for you, Etwall Dental Practice welcomes you to get in touch or come visit the practice and speak to one of our friendly consultants.

If you don’t feel like Invisalign is for you, we also offer a number of similar treatments. Read more about our Ceramic Braces, Damon Braces, Incognito Braces, Fixed Braces. Or, if you feel as though another treatment may be applicable to your situation, take a look at our other Treatments.

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Invisalign Special Event

Saturday 8th January 2022

The team at Etwall Dental Practice are holding a special event on the exciting new teeth straightening treatment Invisalign®.
Invisalign® is an ideal solution for patients who wish to straighten their teeth quickly and discreetly, without anyone even noticing!
If you are interested in finding out more, come along and speak with our Certified Invisalign® specialists Dr Kunal Patel & Dr Charlotte Mowforth about the best solution for you to achieve a perfect smile!

Limited spaces available, please click here to sign up.

Attend the event to receive:

FREE goody bag when you attend your Invisalign appointment on the day
FREE Orthodontic / Cosmetic Consultation worth £75.00
FREE 3D scan on your teeth so that you can see an instant simulation of what your teeth will look like after Invisalign® treatment.
FREE Tooth whitening if you take up the treatment. Worth £350.00
FREE Enamel contouring after treatment Worth £45.00 per tooth
FREE fixed retainer Worth £145.00
FREE removable retainers Worth £300.00
FREE 1 year follow up review. Worth £75.00
• Interest FREE options will be available.