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Nervous Patients

At Etwall Dental Practice, our compassionate team of dental professionals is trained to put nervous patients at ease and make your visit as comfortable as possible. Your oral health and wellness are important to us. Don’t let dental anxiety prevent you from getting the dental treatment you need.

Why am I nervous?

There are many reasons you may feel nervous about visiting the dentist.

  • A past bad experience
  • Fear of needles
  • Strong gag reflex
  • Dislike of the smell and sounds of the dental surgery
  • Embarrassment about the condition of your teeth
  • Dislike of not being in control

How can you help me work through my fears?

There are several ways we can help you overcome your dental anxiety such as

  • Visiting the practice and meeting our team, so you are familiar with the surroundings.
  • Communicate with us so we can help to alleviate your anxiety by ensuring you understand each step of your treatment and why we are doing it.
  • Wear headphones and listen to music during treatment.
  • Use calming techniques like controlled breathing.
  • Pause treatment for short breaks so you feel more in control.
  • Schedule your treatment so it is manageable and less overwhelming.

I’m still very nervous — what else can you do?

For our very nervous patients, we offer IV sedation to help you relax during treatment.

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