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Root Canal Treatment

If the inside of your tooth becomes infected you might require root canal treatment to clean the tooth and remove the bacteria.

Every one of our natural teeth contains a root which is part of a root canal system. Treatment to this area is delicate but is vital to prevent any further damage. The dentist has to access the soft tissue inside the tooth to remove the infection and restore your tooth back to health.

Without such treatment patients’ risk discolouration of the teeth or loss of a tooth.

At Etwall Dental Practice, we are experienced and skilled in carrying out root canal treatments and will endeavour to make the treatment as comfortable and as quick as possible.

If you require root canal treatment, the dentist will administer a local anaesthetic to the affected area to reduce sensation and sensitivity. Your healthy teeth will be protected with a rubber dam while the procedure is carried out.

Following root canal therapy, you may require a crown to seal the tooth and prevent any further internal infection.

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