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Secret Smiles™

What is a Secret Smiles™ treatment?

Etwall Dental Practice offers patients different lingual brace systems to address specific complaints. One such modern orthodontic treatment is Secret Smiles™ which consists of brackets fitted at the back of the teeth to provide a discreet straightening procedure.

What are the features of Secret Smiles™?

Secret Smiles™ system utilises small brackets which are fitted lingually or at the back side of your teeth. As a result, the braces can offer a more comfortable and hidden treatment than the bulky metal brace system.

Secret Smiles™ lingual braces are focussed on straightening your front teeth, without adjusting your back teeth or correcting bite. This design is aimed at providing you with a cosmetically enhanced smile in a shorter duration.

Who is a suitable candidate for this brace system?

Secret Smiles™ braces are suitable for patients looking for short-term orthodontics to straighten the front six teeth. This system can address mild crowding of the front teeth, gum line misalignment, gaps between teeth, and correct crooked, protruding, or flared teeth.

How does the treatment work?

The Secret Smiles™ braces apply gentle pressure to move and guide the teeth into the desired position.

Are the braces visible?

The brackets are lingually fitted to the tongue side of the teeth. As they are hidden by your teeth, they are virtually invisible and can provide a discreet treatment. This feature makes it a popular choice for people who enjoy a busy social life or are frequently in a direct customer-facing environment.

Is there any food group to be avoided?

Sugary drinks and hard or crunchy food can damage the brace and should be avoided.

Why does Secret Smiles™ provide a quicker result?

Secret Smiles™ are aesthetic braces, specifically designed to provide cosmetic enhancements to your smile without repositioning the bite. This enables a shorter treatment time compared to full orthodontic therapy.

How does a retainer help post-treatment?

Over time, your teeth may naturally move back to their pre-treatment position. A retainer can help to prevent this orthodontic relapse.

At an initial consultation, our practitioners at Etwall Dental Practice will assess your teeth and oral conditions. If you are a suitable candidate, our team will take x-rays and photographs. An oral impression will also be made to fabricate your bespoke Secret SmilesTM braces.

In the follow-up appointment, the braces will be bonded to your teeth. Subsequent adjustment sessions will be scheduled every four to six weeks. The treatment duration depends on the severity of the case and can be discussed during your initial consultation.

After your teeth have been aligned and straightened, the braces will be detached by your orthodontist. Retainers will be provided to prevent the teeth from relapsing to their previous position.

All orthodontic packages include FREE end of treatment fixed and removable retainers, take home teeth whitening and enamel contouring.

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Invisalign Special Event

Saturday 8th January 2022

The team at Etwall Dental Practice are holding a special event on the exciting new teeth straightening treatment Invisalign®.
Invisalign® is an ideal solution for patients who wish to straighten their teeth quickly and discreetly, without anyone even noticing!
If you are interested in finding out more, come along and speak with our Certified Invisalign® specialists Dr Kunal Patel & Dr Charlotte Mowforth about the best solution for you to achieve a perfect smile!

Limited spaces available, please click here to sign up.

Attend the event to receive:

FREE goody bag when you attend your Invisalign appointment on the day
FREE Orthodontic / Cosmetic Consultation worth £75.00
FREE 3D scan on your teeth so that you can see an instant simulation of what your teeth will look like after Invisalign® treatment.
FREE Tooth whitening if you take up the treatment. Worth £350.00
FREE Enamel contouring after treatment Worth £45.00 per tooth
FREE fixed retainer Worth £145.00
FREE removable retainers Worth £300.00
FREE 1 year follow up review. Worth £75.00
• Interest FREE options will be available.