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Single Tooth Implant

Many people choose single-tooth dental implants to replace a missing tooth.

Missing teeth can have a detrimental effect on your self-esteem, the beauty of your natural smile, and can even lead to problems with chewing or speaking.

Dental implants can be a long-lasting solution to this problem.

How does a single-tooth implant work?

Your dentist will implant a small titanium/zirconium screw in your jawbone. The screw takes the place of the root of a natural tooth.

On top of this screw, the dentist will attach a dental crown, essentially a prosthetic tooth customised to fit your mouth and match the colour of your natural teeth.

Why should I consider a dental implant?

Losing a tooth causes the bone tissue in the immediate area to break down. This, in turn, can impact the rest of your teeth by loosening or causing other teeth to drift into the the gap.

If you wait too long before getting an implant, the recession and break down of the jaw bone by the missing tooth may make you unsuitable for an implant.

A dental implant stimulates the bone cells in your jaw, preventing and in some cases reversing bone recession.

What are the steps required to get a single tooth dental implant?

Your dentist will take a scan of your jaw, teeth, and gums to determine your suitability and where exactly to place the implant.

Next, your dentist will place the implant in your jaw. Modern surgical techniques allow a dentist to quickly and precisely place an implant in your jaw, producing little or no discomfort to the patient.

One of the properties of titanium that make it a great choice for dental implants is its ability to fuse over time with bone. After a few months, the implant will be solidly anchored in your jaw bone.

Your dentist will fit your custom-made crown, coloured to match the rest of your teeth, over the implant.

Once the process is complete, you will have a fully functioning, natural-looking tooth.

What if I don’t have enough jaw bone density to support an implant?

Your dentist may recommend a surgical bone graft.

How do I care for my implant?

Normal brushing, flossing, and seeing your dentist for a check-up twice a year is all that is required.

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