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Snap-on Smile

If the sound of transforming your smile in just a few seconds sounds good, then Snap-on Smile might be the solution to all your cosmetic dentistry needs.

Used on the upper or lower front teeth, Snap-on Smile is a flexible and durable tooth-shaped shield that covers your natural teeth and replicates a straight, white smile. Once you are wearing the appliance you can eat and speak normally without worry.

The Snap-on Smile device is a cost effective and quick way to get the results you want without months of wearing braces or other dental treatments.

If you would like to try this dental device, visit Etwall Dental Practice so we can take impressions of your teeth and help you to choose the most natural shade of your new. We will then have our laboratory team create your new smile.

Snap-on Smile is a fuss free, pain free way to get the look you want. If cared for properly, the device can last up to 18 months. We will provide you with a special cleaning solution to make sure it retains its brightness as you continue to wear it over time.

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