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Tooth Extraction

At Etwall Dental Practice, we will do all we can to avoid extracting your tooth or teeth. However, sometimes, it is the only option, especially when a tooth has become irreparably damaged by decay or trauma.

We understand that tooth extraction might seem like an undesirable option so we aim to carry this procedure out carefully and quickly so that your teeth and gums can return to full functionality as soon as possible.

Patients who are about to undergo orthodontic treatment may also require tooth extraction if they have overcrowding issues.

If you require a tooth extraction we will speak to you about why this is the right option and how the procedure will be carried out.

Although most patients can tolerate tooth extraction with local anaesthetic, some patients may prefer intravenous sedation. This is administered by injection into the hand and helps a patient to feel relaxed. While they remain awake throughout the treatment, afterwards they may have little recollection of the procedure. Please speak to your dentist about your sedation options.

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