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Tooth Extraction

If your tooth becomes decayed or damaged beyond repair, your dentist likely will recommend a tooth extraction.

Simple extraction procedures require a local anaesthetic and are considered routine.

Why does my tooth need to be extracted?

  • Advanced decay
  • Tooth has broken off below the gum line
  • Overcrowding
  • Impacted wisdom tooth

What happens during an extraction?

For a simple extraction, once your dentist has administered a local anaesthetic, they will grasp the visible part of your tooth with forceps and remove the tooth.

If the tooth is impacted or has broken off your dentist may need to surgically remove gum or bone to extract the tooth.

What happens after the tooth is extracted?

Once your dentist has removed the tooth, they stitch the gap closed. You will be asked to bite down on a piece of gauze until a blood clot forms.

Do I need to do anything special once the extraction is over?

You need to avoid dislodging the blood clot, so for the first few days try not to eat or drink anything hot, drinking through a straw or spitting. If the clot does dislodge, you may experience a condition called dry socket. Without the clot, the gum and nerve tissues are exposed, which can cause discomfort before the area fully heals.

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COVID-19 update

Many of you will be aware that during the latest Covid 19 update dental practices have been given the green light to re-open the surgery from 8th June. Whilst this is good news, there are a number of procedures that we have being putting in place to make treatment safe for our patients and staff, as we are sure you will appreciate, this is taking some time to set up.

Our intention is, if at all possible to commence opening on the 8th June but this is entirely dependent on our ability to obtain training and appropriate PPE which as you know there is a great shortage of. This equipment will be essential for us to be able to operate.

From 8th- 29th of June we will be prioritising the most urgent of cases including those who have been experiencing problems during this lockdown period. We will contact you directly to arrange an appointment. This period may be extended if required.

Rest assured we are trying our utmost to source this PPE as soon as possible to enable us to extend our treatment further to include fillings, crown/bridge work, root treatments and surgical extractions, scale & polish ect.

We anticipate that it will be several weeks before we will be able to commence these more advanced procedures.

This is a rapidly changing environment which we are adapting to as quickly as we possibly can. We really appreciate your patience and understanding throughout this difficult period and look forward to welcoming you back to the practice soon.

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