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Pola™ Whitening

Pola Whitening Dental Patient Results

Pola™ Teeth Whitening is a tooth whitening product which is concerned with rectifying any discolourations in tooth enamel. A revolutionary process, Pola Whitening offers a variety of treatment options, designed to suit your lifestyle and needs. More patients than ever are enquiring as to how they can get sparkling white teeth. Pola products offer a safe, quick and satisfying solution to helping regain your confidence.

When should I consider Pola™ Teeth Whitening?

Tooth discoloration is becoming increasingly common among patients of all ages. Many people often underestimate the effects coffee, red wine, tobacco and coloured foods have on teeth. Anyone looking to restore a natural looking, healthy smile should consider using Pola treatments.

What Pola™ Teeth Whitening options are available?

The treatment is available in three different possibilities. The first and most efficient, is to receive the treatment at Etwall Dental Practice, where you’ll experience a higher whitening strength for immediate results, whilst being absolutely ensured of complete safety and comfort.

Alternatively, a home whitening kit is also available. A more convenient option for many, the home kit comes complete with whitening gel and solution. The kits can be used for different periods of time, ranging anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes at a time. Dependent on the duration of the treatment you’d like to use, the levels of hydrogen peroxide concentration in the solution can be tailored to suit your needs.

Finally, patients can opt for a Pola™ night home kit. The night-time kit is once again available with different concentration levels of solutions.

How do I use the Pola™ Teeth Whitening home kits?

The first step involves determining your pre-treatment shade using the shade guide provided with your kit. Following that, add a small drop of whitening gel into each individual compartment of the tray for your teeth. Finally, seat the tray around your teeth. There may be times where you experience excess gel in your mouth. In such cases, simply wipe away with a tissue or dry soft brush. After the allocated period of time, remove the tray and rinse both the tray and your teeth with lukewarm water. Finally, brush your teeth to ensure the best possible results.

As an indication of timings, Pola™ recommends using Pola™ Day treatment with 6% hydrogen peroxide once or twice for 30 minutes per day or once a day for 45 minutes.

Alternatively, Pola™ Night can be used as follows. Solutions with 10% carbamide peroxide can be used anywhere from 2 hours to completely overnight. The treatments that use 16% carbamide peroxide can be used between 90 minutes to completely overnight.

If you’re struggling with tooth discolouration and a subsequent loss of self confidence or would just like dental care advice, please don’t hesitate to contact Etwall Dental Practice to schedule a FREE consultation. To do so, visit our Contact page, call us on 01283 733391 or visit us at the practice. Our team will be more than happy to help you gain perfectly white teeth.

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